Satisfactory Pen Set - Lifetime Function Guarantee

With the purchase of the Satisfactory Pen Set, you receive (as part of the set) a warranty card that provides you with a Lifetime Function Guarantee.

To summarize, for as long as you own the pen and card, if the pen stops writing in ink you are guaranteed a free replacement - this is most useful if your Pen runs out of ink (Blue, Red, or Black), or if the pen mechanically malfunctions. There are a few practical limitations we will share below, but first here are the specific details on how to redeem your free replacement pen.

Sample card (not the real card):

Fill out the first part of your card when you first receive it. If you run out ink or the pen stops working, fill out the second part of your card, follow the directions, and send us an e-mail from the same address you placed the order under. We'll follow up with instructions, either a unique coupon code to redeem in the store to ship it along with your next order (or ship it alone at the cost of shipping), or instructions for how to send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope (for Canada and US).


  • Those who opt for a new Pen with next order will be given a full Pen Set, including a new card
  • Otherwise, depending on stock, you may receive a replacement Pen OR full Pen Set
  • A new, original card is required to get each replacement
    • Each card can only be used once
    • If you lose the card, you cannot redeem a free replacement
  • Running out of pencil leads is not covered by this guarantee
  • Losing or misplacing your Pen or parts of your Set is not also covered
  • Guarantee is valid for 25 years after date of purchase, or the lifetime of and Heroic Replicas LTD


My pen didn't work out of the box!
Each pen end is covered with a small plastic cover, on the very tip. Please ensure that your tip covers have been removed, and test the pen.

I took my pen apart and I can't put it back together!
Retrace your steps and try again - if you broke it, fill out your form and we'll send you a replacement. That's covered!

Can I refill the pen myself?
Not to my knowledge. We don't offer ink refills, only a Pen replacement.

My dog ate my pen.
First, take your dog to the vet. Later, test if the pen functions or not. If no longer functions, complete the form.

I lend my pen to a friend and he won't give it back.
That's considered lost, which is not covered.

I ran out of Pencil refills.
You can purchase more at any local stationary store or office supply store. Running out of pencil refills is not covered.

Can I pick up a replacement if I'm local?
Nope, the warehouses we use have no pickup option.

What if my pen still works but I want a free Pen Set with my next order?
Misrepresenting the truth on a FICSIT form is between you and your FICSIT direct report / manager. Anyone observed attempting to execute an Infinite Pen Glitch will be congratulated for originality and given their replacement Pen Set, provided they don't break any of the above limitations.

So if I get a lone Pen but not a Pen Set, I can't get another replacement?
Correct, you need to spend / redeem one card for one replacement.